Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Happy Birthday INDEED!

What a great 4th of July/Birthday weekend for Robin! It started with tennis on Sat. morning...bbq with family and friends...Becky made THE BEST cupcakes EVER! :)
Homemade Strawberry Ice cream.. choco-dipped licorice... fireworks that evening..
Sat. morning at the club I was greeted with a surprise gift from a dear friend who was out of town for the holiday... it was very thoughtful and I was very touched.. later, I recieved a surprise pan of lemon bars from another tennis friend.. they are THE BEST! :)
Sunday morning... my Dad calls, then my Mom.. several e-cards... Facebook birthday wishes...visit from Rozanne, Linda,Susie, my mom.. call from my mother-in-law...even today a plate full of Danette's delicious choco-chip M&M cookies.. YUM! :)
This weekend was the GREATEST! Thankyou to family and friends! :)


dhillman said...

Great firework pic!
Happy Birthday--glad your celebration was great, you deserve it!

Susie said...

What a great day(s) you had - BUT I think you celebrate every day!!!!

The Dunklees said...

Happy Brithday - what a fun way to celebrate!

John and Becky Bowler said...

Update your blog please...if I can do it...you can do it!!!